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Change Log [NetBee]

Change Log

Version 0.2 (work-in-progress)

  • Fields that consume all the remaining data associated to the current scope can be defined through the eatall type
  • Fields can be defined through regular expressions using the pattern type
  • tokenended and tokenwrapped field types have been deprecated
  • Expressions: supported new functions hasstring() and extractstring() and added the possibility to support other functions
  • Expressions: added the possibility to specify a ”0” size when the [startat:size] operator is used for variables, fields, packetbuffer, etc.
  • Expressions: matching can be done through regular expressions (see hasstring() and extractstring() functions)
  • Expressions: new notation for hexadecimal strings (the ”#” character is no longer a marker)
  • Switch element supports a case-sensitive / case insensitive match (only for string-based matches)
  • <protoref> has been renamed in <nextproto>
  • <nextproto> and <nextproto-candidate> supports only expressions (the attribute name is no longer used)
  • <text> element (within the Visualization Extension) has a new optional attribute (when)
  • value hideval of attribute showtype (the <showtemplate> element) is no longer supported
  • Fields can be nested (i.e. the <field> element can contain other <field> elements)
  • Fields can be defined through regular expressions (the tokenended and tokenwrapped field types)
  • <assign> element is no longer supported and it has been replaced by <assign-variable>, <assign-lookuptable> and <update-lookuptable>.
  • Code has been moved to the new <execute-code> section. This section allows executing custom code at initialization time, before and after processing the protocol headers. Finally, the <verify> section contains some code that can be used to verify the correctness of that protocol.
  • Variables must be declared expressly in the <execute-code> section.
  • Support for lookup tables has been introduced.
  • Variables are typed; four data types have been defined.
  • Added support for float and double fields in visualization extension.
  • The new <format> element has been defined for better organization of the NetPDL file
  • No visualization attributes (apart from ”showtemplate” and ”showsumtemplate”) are inserted in the definition of NetPDL fields, for better separation between the protocol definition and the visualization extensions
  • Visualization primitives are mostly defined within the new <visualization> section of the NetPDL file
  • Field have been inglobated within the same <field> element, which supports a type qualifier for defining the field type (fixed length, variable length, etc)
  • Field <masked> has been deleted; now bit fields are standard fields; <field type=“bit” …> has been introduced
  • A new type of field has been introduced: the tokenwrapped
  • Some element (such as <loop>, <if>, <presentif>) now have a new attribute for the required expression
  • Alement <if> now must have the new child elements <if-true> and <if-false>
  • Some of the elements allowed in the <showdtl> and <showsumtemplate> elements changed their name
  • <block> elements are now supported also within the field list, although they can still be included through the <includeblk> element
  • <loop> element changed its syntax (the <looptype> child element is no longer defined)
  • element <protoref> does not longer have any expression; instead, it is used inside <if> and <switch> - <case> elements
  • Elements <startproto> and <defaultproto> have been deleted; they have been replaced by standard protocols with a predefined name (startproto and defaultproto)
  • Expressions have been completely rewritten, using an infix notation (instead of the previous XML-based one)
  • The packet global variable has been introduced
  • Expressions are no longer supported in <case> elements; a new element (<default>) has been defined for the default branch; the number of supported attributes changed and most of the time they have child elements
  • temp fields are no longer available
  • Some visualization elements/attributes changed their name (e.g. pdmlfield ==> protofield, …)
  • Some attributes changed in the PDML format (e.g. show ==> showvalue)

Version 0.1 (May 22, 2003)

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